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Wavelabs Artificial Intelligence

We walk the whole nine yards with you - right from the process of training data preparation, building and designing the model, training and optimizing, deploying and scaling, and retraining the model with feedback data. We help you leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionize user experiences and reduce costs. We uniquely enhance your products using AI to reach your full market potential.

Wavelabs Cognitive vision

We use Convolution Neural Networks (CNN) to build deep learning models for computer vision based solutions for both images and videos. We have expertise in building both detection and classification models for real-life business solutions.

Natural Language Services

We use Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) and open source libraries like Stanford NLP to offer natural languages based services on web and mobile applications. We have expertise in both text and voice-based Natural Language Understanding (NLU) solutions. We have deployed intelligent chatbots using Google, and IBM Watson APIs for some of our leading clients.

Wavelabs NLP
Wavelabs Machine Learning
Machine Learning (ML)

We use ML to solve business problems with large datasets. We have built expertise in identifying patterns in large datasets which have been leveraged by our clients to create solutions for fraud detection, price prediction and analyzing customer behavior patterns.



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Shifting from Keyword-based to Intent-based Search

Experience Design

Built a Mobile App to Simplify Ordering at Restaurants


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