Alexa and Google: Virtual Family Members of the Future

Alexa and Google: Virtual Family Members of the Future

31 Mar 2022 | Vishnu Saran

The iconic smart voice system is transforming the world

Voice – the most intuitive form of communication known to mankind across all ages, races, and cultures is having a profound impact on society

Alexa has become such a household name today that it competes with the words “mom” and “dad” to become a newborn’s first word.

There are more than 150mn devices in the world that are powered by smart assistants like Alexa, Google and others.

The global AI-based and voice recognition market will be worth
$27.3 billion in 2030.

Every kid growing up now is accustomed to using his voice to communicate with devices and appliances around him. This provides a massive opportunity for businesses to create direct, personal and intimate communication with consumers.

Take an example of a real estate website where a user wants to search for a house.

  1. He has to open up his mobile/laptop
  2. Open the browser and log on to the website or do a google search
  3. He needs to see if ads are relevant or not and manually search for the most relevant search result
  4. He then either needs to login/signup or go past a paywall to see prospective properties on the site
  5. Of course, it is on him to first configure his preferences of his location of search, number of bedrooms etc.
  6. This gives a big list that he can either sort cheapest to most expensive or some other criteria
  7. Then he shortlists multiple properties by opening each link and searching for information that is relevant to him on each of these pages  

While this process mentioned above is convenient and independent compared to the pre-internet era, it is tedious and has a heavy cognitive load on your brain.

This is the era of personal assistants and Artificial Intelligence!
Using an Alexa device, we have created an application that can help you achieve the results far more easily.

  1. You ask Alexa Skill (an application on Alexa is called a skill) that you want to buy a new house
  2. The device asks, sure which zip code or city are you looking to purchase your house?
  3. I am looking to buy near San Jose
  4. We’ve got a lot of houses to show in San Jose, do you want a house with or without a pool?
  5. I would like a pool, and three bedrooms please
  6. The results are then displayed on the Echo Show or Fire TV screen and you are taken through each of the options. You can interrupt and say next if you want to pass on a house.

This entire process can happen from your couch while sipping on your favorite drink! 

Hands free, easy experience and totally intuitive. Things are bound to become conversational because that is how humans operate and have been operating since the early years of evolution.

If we look at the business landscape who are leveraging this technology, there are sectors that have jumped at this opportunity while others are still trying to figure it out.  

We at Wavelabs have partnered with VoiceQube to expand our expertise into conversational AI and Voice Technology. We help businesses add voice to their applications & help build multiple voice interfaces, including Alexa, Google and customized voice interfaces.  

If you would like to know how your business can benefit with Voice, we are happy to give you a free voice strategy audit and demo. Our team can brainstorm with you on what can be done for your enterprise and how you can leverage conversational AI in your business.

You can alternatively reach out at for any further information.