Artificial Intelligence & Automation at Wavelabs

Artificial Intelligence & Automation at Wavelabs

27 Aug 2019 | Team Wavelabs

Artificial intelligence (AI) & Automation are transforming businesses and continue to revolutionize user experiences and reduce costs. The pace at which the global AI market is growing is unrelenting, as use cases are solidifying, and enterprises are moving from talking about AI to building and deploying AI solutions. According to the most recent report, Tractica forecasts that AI Software market would reach $105.8 billion in annual worldwide revenue by 2025.

Once the realm of science fiction, AI technologies coupled with statistical models and algorithms, have now reached the point where they can correlate events, recognize patterns, and derive meaning from any given data. We, at Wavelabs, have identified these AI use cases and have built customized solutions to solve unique challenges across multiple industries. We expand the scope of AI into areas like Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and any other domain that requires predictive capabilities. We specialize in detecting patterns in all types of data – text, numbers and multimedia data types, such as audio, images, graphics, and video.

At Wavelabs, we have created and delivered cutting edge enterprise AI solutions in the three AI domains that we have identified – Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning


We have built models using different convolutional neural networks (CNN) with the capability to detect patterns both in image and video data types. We have expertise in building both detection and classification models for real-life business solutions.

Detecting and classifying human postures to track movements around smart homes.

Reconstructing damaged or corrupted images and/or enhancing their resolution to further use them as input for image detection or classification. Several use cases in the security of the surveillance space.

Detecting faces in an image along with basic attributes like age, gender, ethnicity, expressions, etc.

Detecting facial attributes to determine aesthetic quality from the perspective of humans and/or detecting attributes like sunglasses, tattoos, etc., in the pictures.

Analyzing images and videos to detect all people in the frame, to count them, track their movements within the frame, etc.


We have built probabilistic language models using Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) that can detect patterns in large sentences, and can process audio signals, thereby extending to speech domain. We use RNNs and open source libraries like Stanford NLP to offer natural languages-based services on web and mobile applications. We have expertise in both text and voice-based Natural Language Understanding (NLU) solutions.

Identifying and categorizing opinions expressed, especially in order to determine the mood and emotion of textual data.

Building chatbots that understand the intent behind the question posed and intelligently respond by maintaining the context.

Understanding and translating text or speech from one language to another.

Generating a description of the entities and actions in images.


We have built models that can help solve problems pertaining to general scenarios involving learning from previous datasets without human intervention or assistance. We have built expertise in identifying patterns in large datasets which we leverage to create solutions for fraud detection, price prediction and analyzing customer behavior patterns.

Correctly predicting the next potential outage/failure by processing log data accumulated from servers and application logs, helping enterprises initiate preventive actions to avoid downtime.

Improving the efficiency of the systems in detecting frauds especially in the BFSI industry.

Forecasting and simulating key business metrics such as sales, revenue, customer acquisition, profit, etc., based on transaction history. And simulating various scenarios to predict the impact of one specific input on the business.

Generating a score to aid loan decisioning for an interested applicant based on his/her financial history, personal & social parameters and overall creditworthiness.


Predicting the potential loan defaulters based on past transaction data in addition to other parameters like social and personal history.

Partnering with Wavelabs puts you at the precipice of how the AI revolution can accelerate your time to revenue. With our expertise and available resources, you get to influence or change the way you do business.