How AI Can Power B2B Marketing

How AI Can Power B2B Marketing

29 Jul 2021 | Team Wavelabs

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AI has disrupted every aspect of business and marketing, is no stranger to it. AI is becoming an increasingly popular tool in B2B marketing. Many forward-thinking businesses and their marketing leaders have run experiments with AI enabled tools and services and are already witnessing ground-breaking results.

What’s new though is the discovery of how it can truly impact and transform marketing in the future.

The most prominent use cases for AI are in the areas of improving customer engagement using tools like chatbots, predictive behaviour analysis, hyper-personalization etc. 

AI optimizes the marketing time and budget spend by automating campaigns and scheduling relevant content and marketing messages to prospects at the right time in the customer journey lifecycle.

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Why we believe AI is worth considering for your B2B Marketing

Predictive Marketing Analytics

In the beginning stages of creating and implementing B2B marketing campaigns, forecasting results can be difficult. In these situations, AI can be used to analyze past campaigns, and based on those results, predict the likely outcome of a current project. This can help to forecast the potential performance of a campaign, as well as estimated revenue and conversion rates.

Campaign Analysis

With such wide range of B2B marketing channels today, the data generated is a lot more complicated to analyze. AI enables B2B marketers to conduct a faster, more precise review and analysis of data so that decision-makers can swiftly see what’s working, what needs to be adjusted, and where improvements should be made.

Better Lead Generation

Account-based marketing (ABM) tools enable B2B marketers to efficiently target potential prospects that align well with their existing clients. By enabling users to build audiences using their existing CRM, account and customer data, an AI-powered ABM solution shifts the focus of marketing teams from generating large volumes of leads to identifying and reaching out to fewer, much more qualified prospects.

Enhance Audience Engagement

Based on its analysis of prior content, AI can recommend an enhanced SEO strategy that heightens interest and interaction. This helps B2B marketers communicate with their target audiences in a highly personalized, much more engaging manner.

Interaction Data

By analyzing the sum of all the digital footprints that customers leave behind during their purchase journeys (known as interaction data), AI tools help to predict the context of customer interactions, and also helps to improve it. Organizations are learning to manage customer data from disparate sources in a better way by integrating them with existing data in order to extract valuable insights with speed and precision.

Successful Email Marketing

With the inboxes of B2B customers constantly inundated with messages from colleagues, clients, and others, it can be difficult for marketers to break through all the clutter. AI offers a number of powerful capabilities that can help marketers achieve better results from their B2B email marketing campaigns.

Why we believe AI is worth considering for your B2B Marketing


The possibilities that AI brings to B2B marketing are seemingly endless. Not only does this technology allow marketers to work faster, it helps to ensure smarter work with a greater chance for success.

At Wavelabs, we built a ML model for a leading online marketing company to organize, compile, and present data to decision-makers to solve problems.

Effectively implementing AI into your B2B marketing strategies and efforts requires solid knowledge of the technology and an understanding of what you should expect from it.

But when implemented well, AI can add some major superpowers to your B2B marketing campaigns and initiatives!