Idea to MVP: SKYSHOT – A Growth Accelerator

Idea to MVP: SKYSHOT – A Growth Accelerator

24 Aug 2021 | Team Wavelabs

Build. Measure. Learn.


SKYSHOT is a growth hacking accelerator that helps enterprises of all sizes, including start-ups, to effectively use the MVP strategy and build a strong ecosystem around technology. The use of an MVP helps save time, money, and resources and SKYSHOT can help your idea reach the MVP stage in 8-10 weeks.

What is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

MVP is an early version of a product, such as a SaaS (software as a service) application, created to ensure that the product’s vision and strategy fit with market demands.The term ‘MVP’ suggests something very specific:

Minimum: the smallest number of capabilities, features, and packaging

Viable: delivering enough value that customers are willing to spend money (or another currency such as personal information)

Product: on something they can use today, not just invest in a future concept, promise, or offer.

Why is MVP important?

MVP enables you to collect early data that verifies users’ interest in your idea. Positive results from the MVP phase indicate that the complete version can be developed. You may do the following by developing and testing a minimal viable product:

  • Save time and money by investing in a project that is likely to succeed
  • Evaluate the product’s attractiveness to potential customers
  • Determine which patterns you can use while building the product’s complete version
  • Acquire a user base and identify early adopters
  • Save time and money on the final product development
  • Attract investors more quickly

Are MVPs exclusive to start-ups?

It is often assumed that an MVP should be developed solely during the start-up phase of a firm. However, this is incorrect. When building new features, it’s always best to start with an MVP. Distribute a simplified version of a new feature to a chosen set of people for testing. After receiving feedback, make necessary changes to the feature before publishing the official version.

How Wavelabs gives your business the first-mover advantage

Design Thinking

End users are at the heart of everything we build. And we bring the same philosophy to our clients. We approach complex issues in real-world scenarios with user-centric perspective while mapping business strategies to create market opportunities.

Lean StartUp

We strongly profess the Build-Measure-Learn loop. This framework helps us quickly design testable prototypes to validate the right ‘product-market fit’. We build meaningful, dynamic, and adaptable solutions within 8 to 10 weeks.

Agile & Devops

Works in-sync with the iterative MVP methodology that we follow. This approach focuses on collaboration, user-feedback, and small, rapid releases with continuous improvements to drive the product evolution over time.

What Makes SKYSHOT Different?

Our Development Methodology:

Discovery Sprint

Onsite Research-Stakeholder Interviews-Sketching-Storyboarding-Wireframes-Technology Automation-Architecture-DevOps Setup

Build Sprint

User Story Development-UX Design-API Design-Development-Testing-Automation-Demo

Rollout Sprint

Data Setup-Deployment Setup-Marketing for Pilot Users

MVP Launch

This ensues market reception and feedback on the product. The scalability of the product and the feedback implementation are done through continuous iteration.


MVP Development Methodology

POD Composition

Businesses are constantly seeking to improve their processes, create efficiencies and find new streamlined and cost-effective ways of working.

The Agile Pod Delivery Model is an ever-evolving process that offers businesses greater flexibility and faster project delivery times. Agile PODs of 4-10 cross functional specialists with skill sets and experience levels complementing each other are assembled to suit the client’s project needs. A particularly distinguishing feature of a POD model is that various skills required during any particular phase of the project are deployed effectively while keeping the overall POD size constant to optimize the cost.

MVP POD Composition


With Skyshot, we partner with enterprises of all sizes, including start-ups, to gain traction from customers for early testing and validation. Our human-centered approach meshes seamlessly with our fervour to innovate and deliver relevant solutions at a lightning speed.

We help our clients in running an efficient business with the power of modern technology, proven approaches, and methodology that we compose in collaboration with them.

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