The Intelligent Enterprise: Future-proofing Your Business

The Intelligent Enterprise: Future-proofing Your Business

4 May 2021 | Team Wavelabs

Moving forward on the journey towards digital transformation

What exactly is an intelligent enterprise (IE)? 

An intelligent enterprise is the one that effectively use their data assets to achieve their desired business outcomes faster.

Digital transformation changes the way companies and individuals operate and interact with their ecosystem. Many industry leaders are focused on modernizing their structures and are looking for greater impact from their digital business. Being an Intelligent Enterprise is critical to retaining customers and staying ahead of the competition, regardless of the industry.  

An integrated suite of solutions connected to intelligent technologies that work cohesively across all functions of a business is an intelligent enterprise. It is a strategy for enabling the rapid transformation of data into insight – feeding process automation, innovation, and optimal experiences. It leverages emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), IoT, and analytics to enable the workforce to focus on higher-value outcomes. 

Intelligent Enterprise

Being an Intelligent Enterprise allows you to have the visibility, concentration, and versatility to drive results such as providing excellent consumer services, engaging workers more efficiently,  and driving new revenue sources and business models.  

This is the concept of developing a new mindset. The development of skills and abilities that enable you to adapt rapidly in an evolving world, in order to ensure your company’s long-term success. The idea is to develop enterprise level business solutions that are powered by Intelligent Automation. It uses expert system, case-based reasoning and neural network as core intelligent automation solutions. 

The Intelligent Enterprise Framework: 

The Intelligent Enterprise framework not only uses intelligent techniques, but is a complete environment that includes various interfaces and components to develop intelligent solutions. This framework will benefit the enterprise to proactively build an integrated and effective intelligent architecture – 

  • The Data Access Layer: To maintain and update various data connections. This will enable automation of day-to-day business processes and better interaction with customers, suppliers, and employees. 
  • The Business Intelligence Layer: Effectively using data assets and build applications that have intelligence embedded. 
  • The Application Layer: To facilitate the collection, connection, and orchestration of data. The applications use various intelligent systems from the Business Layer and help in integration and automation of processes. 
  • Intelligent Technologies: To enable leveraging data to detect patterns, predict outcomes, and recommend actions 
Intelligent Enterprise Framework

The three key differentiators of an Intelligent Enterprise are:

  • Visibility: The ability to connect and collect data that was previously fragmented to recognize patterns 
  • Focus: The ability to simulate potential options and direct scarce resources to the areas of maximum impact 
  • Agility: The ability to respond faster to changes in the marketplace or the business and pivot business processes towards the right outcomes 

With IE, organizations can be more agile in a faster-moving environment, with a clear strategy for sustainable growth. It can set the goal of achieving breakthrough outcomes in the following areas: 

  • Redefining the end-to-end customer experience 
  • Delivering a step-change in productivity 
  • Transforming workforce engagement 
  • Exploring new Business/Revenue Models 


The journey of becoming an Intelligent Enterprise is highly personalized since it is based on the specific requirements, processes, and strategies. We at Wavelabs use an iterative approach to ensure a successful journey to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise. Our experience with design thinking and technical expertise in various industry segments enable us to work with you to find the right solution and help businesses optimize costs, achieve greater agility, reduce risk and improve decision-making.