Are you ready for a Data-driven future?

Are you ready for a Data-driven future?

20 Jun 2022 | Team Wavelabs

Harnessing growing data and analytics-driven decision-making are top priorities for businesses today.

Evolution of our Data

The past decade’s data explosion created a virtuous circle of data analysis and action, leading to new insights and data driven decision making. Companies have collected more data than ever before as they have raced to transform their businesses and make data-driven decisions.

This evolution has made organizations re-evaluate their strategies and look to automation and cloud infrastructure to provide relief from legacy tools that could not keep up with the growing needs of the business.

In the present data landscape – technology is helping businesses solve and understand how the scale of all this data is being put to work.

By 2025, it’s estimated that the global datasphere will grow to 175 zettabytes.

The need of the hour

Today’s businesses generate vast amounts of data that must be stored, categorized, and evaluated effectively. If correctly organized and analyzed, this data can be used to help formulate future corporate goals and strategies, as well as promote business growth.

As businesses require more and more real-time decision-making, streaming data becomes paramount to making real-time business decisions. With the continued democratization of machine learning, which can now be accessed with as little as a cloud API, data analysts can quickly operationalize technology-driven initiatives to extract value from the data. This would have been prohibitively costly and time-consuming to develop just a few years ago. Additionally, scalable, flexible pricing and service options help more businesses analyze and react to a fast-changing world.

Our EVP & GM, Practice Head – AI, Data & TES, Debiprasad Banerjee, says, “Extracting real value from data requires robust data pipelines built to handle the 3Vs of big data – Volume, Velocity and Variety.”

Data-driven decision making and deep analytics will be the foundation of all future businesses. Robust data pipelines will be required to feed the AI models that will define the business models of the future.

Empower decision making with Data

Every modern enterprise lives and breathes data on a daily basis. The amount of data collected has never been higher, but it has also never been more complicated. This makes data management and analysis tough for businesses.

Unless you have access to the right data at the right time, it can affect your decision-making capabilities across the business value chain. But getting your hands on data is merely half the job done. Extracting insights can be challenging too – given that it is entirely dependent on the quality and reliability of your data assets.

It’s not easy to change the way your business makes decisions, but putting data and analytics into decision-making cycles is where you’ll see the most significant benefits.

Over the next few years, data will be at the forefront in empowering leaders to rapidly innovate and bring groundbreaking ideas to market in a hybrid and/or multi-cloud model. With the right tools to leverage the power of data, we can take immediate action to create effective solutions.

Seven out of ten of the world’s most valuable companies are now embracing a data-driven approach to business.

How can we help you unlock the value of Data?

Wavelabs gives you the technological prowess to organize and clean your data, extract key business insights and gain a sustainable advantage for your organization.

We can help you harness the power of data-rich insights to capitalize on opportunities, mitigate business risks, and amplify customer engagement.

Business Focused
Data becomes valuable when applied to business problems. Our data engineers understand your business objectives, and align your data pipeline to these requirements.
The result is reliable, relevant, and effective data that your teams can access.

Solution Focus
We manage the entire lifecycle of your big data, collecting and transforming complex information sets into actionable insights you can use. With timely, powerful insights, you can make decisions based on intelligence, not intuition.

Driving Innovation
Through data visualization, we can help you identify trends and patterns. Predict customer behavior, pivot with confidence, and jump on opportunities faster – leaving the competition behind.

Accelerated Problem Discovery
We help identify the right problems for you to focus on, that include a rapid analysis using a combination of Design and Data Science.

Relevant Experience
We have deep expertise in Data Engineering to turn data into decision drivers

The future of data analytics is exciting! It continues to evolve and advance, automatically unlocking the powerful stories that our data can tell us, and empowering business decisions.

At Wavelabs, we have done some exciting work in the Data Engineering space. Have a look and take your next steps towards a data-driven future!

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