Is the Future of Virtual Events Phygital?

Is the Future of Virtual Events Phygital?

10 Jun 2021 | Team Wavelabs

The past year has created a new category of events called ‘phygital’ – a blend of the physical and digital experience.

Today’s organisations are in sync with the new normal. They are ramping up their online video capabilities to ensure customer satisfaction. This is key to building trust with the end user in the absence of conventional physical events.

Looking back to pre-pandemic times, most people will agree the value of face-to-face interactions was taken for granted. Now, event planners are shifting their focus to hybrid experiences - integrated virtual and in-person events. 

Whether in-person gatherings are coming back soon or not, one thing is certain – virtual events have forever changed the way organizations will host and engage with their audience. Since the digital-oriented way of life is here to stay even beyond the pandemic, immersive virtual events fuelled by intelligent video technology will drive the new “phygital” experience for users. 

It is already clear that COVID-19 has dramatically altered the way we live and work. It has also upended the way we use technology. In the absence of in-person interactions, people have come to rely on the prowess of video technology to seamlessly replace physical meetings with virtual collaborations. Videoconferencing has become invaluable during the pandemic, allowing businesses and organizations to keep going at full speed as employees work from home. 

By leveraging the best video tools and technology, the idea is to deliver a seamless visual experience that offers effective and impactful phygital events. Since attendees participate from remote locations around the world, powerful live streaming of videos should have the capabilities to support multiple platforms and reach as many screens as possible. 

video conferencing

With changing norms in the tech space – the phygital category is likely to grow exponentially as it promises a whole new dimension of customer experience and shaping prospects of overall commerce. 

There may be a silver lining to these times: we are being forced to change how we collaborate, which might yield long-lasting benefits and help us better harness our collective intelligence. 
A crisis is a terrible thing to waste! 


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