Embracing New Definitions of Leadership

Embracing New Definitions of Leadership

22 Jul 2021 | Team Wavelabs

In crisis situations, strong and decisive leadership is crucial for time-critical decision-making.

In March 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. More than a year later, we still find ourselves in its grip, but vaccines developed at a breakneck pace have enabled us to envision recovery and a promising future ahead.

However, in all certainty, we naturally cannot go back to the way things were before. The pandemic has laid bare fundamental deficiencies in our global system, weaknesses in business operating models and challenges that will shape our world moving forward. It has also unleashed energy and creativity, as leaders seek out enduring solutions to these problems that no one has correct answers to.

There is no doubt that leadership has been put to test. It is increasingly clear that to emerge from the crisis stronger requires – rethinking, prioritizing purpose, trust, empathy, inclusivity and what it means to truly lead. Leaders in every industry are moving urgently to protect employees and build resilience, which will be of greater importance post-crisis.

The increased focus on humane skills might seem unpredicted given how much attention has been paid to the impact of digital acceleration and digital transformation on the workplace. A highly visible consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic is a significant rise in the use of digital channels—to work remotely, to sell and shop digitally.

Riding on the back of this surge, less visibly, is the increased adoption of advanced analytics, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) by businesses. These changes have given rise to a new term – Workforce 4.0, extending the concept of Industry 4.0/Business 4.0 to how workforce will be managed in the new norm.

This change in priorities also reflects our very human tendency to achieve balance, particularly when our world has been so fundamentally disrupted. But leaders must also embrace a new agenda—one aimed squarely at what comes next.

The pandemic has redefined leadership in irrevocable ways. In the post-COVID era, leaders will need new skills and competencies to succeed in this changed and changing environment. 

Here’s what Mansoor Khan, CEO & President, Wavelabs Technologies says, “The pandemic was a true test of character, values and leadership for leaders across the globe. Doesn’t matter if you are a manager, managing a small team or CXO leading large teams or companies, if you have led during these times, you can walk with your head high, knowing that you led admirably, during one of the most testing times of our generation.

The impact you would have had in a small-medium business is even more as one had to balance empathy, concern and consideration for your teams with optimal focus on business outcomes to sustain, nurture and grow your teams/organizations.

“ We at Wavelabs, recommend leaders to strike a delicate balance of Empathy, Caution & Aggression. Empathy towards the well-being of your teams & their loved ones, helping address both physical & mental health. Caution towards defining and re-aligning your business goals and outcomes Aggression towards new opportunities & pivots towards hitherto unforeseen opportunities ”

The new paradigm of WFH and digital connection is here to stay. During these testing times, it is important to communicate with your employees & customers, keep them appraised of the challenges and opportunities and request their empathetic best to the teams that are working in a challenged environment.

Our focus is to make work less stressful for the teams and share the burden of affected team members and be our empathetic best.”


The next wave of technology evolution combining Digital, Cognitive & Industry 4.0 presents an unprecedented opportunity for new-age companies to create strong value for investors, customers and partners alike. 

At Wavelabs, we believe we have the Vision to foresee these advancements, Agility to proactively invest in new competencies and Customer Centricity to accelerate their adoption of these new technologies.

Join us, as we help you navigate Technology Transformations and help you adopt new technology evolution in your business, products & platforms!