Technology-Enabled Services: Enabling Better Decision-Making

Technology-Enabled Services: Enabling Better Decision-Making

2 Aug 2022 | Team Wavelabs

How integrating digital technology into all areas of business is making them efficient and profitable.


Technology-enabled services define the demand for software or hardware services that contribute to empowering your business. This is done by making it more streamlined, synchronised, and enabled for further automation.

What Exactly is a Technology-Enabled Service? (TES)

Technology-Enabled Services is essentially replacing or augmenting a business function or related work done by humans with technology enabled systems/applications.

In maximum cases, technology-enabled services are operated on subscription-based models.

A few of the models are:

Technology-Enabled Service

Research revealed that companies who have been employing such innovations have scaled higher to net income growth of more than 80%.

3 Reasons to Seal the Deal with TES for your Business:

One of the primary reasons for the massive popularity of adopting technology-enabled services is its cost-effectiveness. Rather than buying new technology, with efficient resources, you can build it in-house and also maintain it.

Especially for small and mid-sized businesses who miss out on bigger battles to access the advanced tools and technology, TES allows them to use and benefit with a much more cost-prohibitive model.

Chases Speed:
Studies have proven remarkably that customers found it way faster to implement TES rather than traditional approaches. Tallying to a simple theory of marketing, the swifter it is for a customer to use a technology-based product, the higher the demands are for the same.

ROI Booster:
If you compare tech-enabled services purchase versus tech-enabled services development, the cost for the former one is much lower than the latter. That being said, you mark your footsteps on smaller investments but larger returns. This has become even more significant after the pandemic caught most of the world unaware and unprepared.

The Glimpse of a Better Tomorrow

In the backdrop of such a technologically advanced era, where artificial intelligence and cloud computing-like subjects are taking the world by storm, your business has to reach the top-of-the-line opportunities available to scale quickly

At Wavelabs, we help businesses achieve higher levels of operational efficiency and innovation through TES. Thus, tech-enabled services are undoubtedly the future and to guide you towards the right pathway, here’s the strategic efficacy you have been hunting for!

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