Built a Mobile App to Simplify Ordering at Restaurants

Mobile app introduces first-of-its-kind ‘food ordering’ feature for the ‘wait-free’ dining experience at restaurants


The client was looking for a convenient and easy-to-use solution that would help users find location-based search recommendations for restaurants and help them cut down the time taken to place orders.


We set out to build an engaging, data-driven food ordering solution to help users find restaurants nearby, place orders and even track the status of their digital order from the moment it’s placed, giving them a guided and personalized experience. The mobile app captures the user’s current location through geo-tagging, meal preferences as set at the time of signing up, and budget as specified for the query.

The mobile app allows the users to order food on-demand, book a table at the restaurant of their choice with just a few taps, eliminating the wait time, while offering an exhaustive guide to nearby restaurants with pictures and map locations.


the UI/UX, along with the ease of navigability and efficient search options enhances the experience for the user.

Real-time tracking

equipped with real time GPS tracking, the user can track down the exact address of the restaurant.

Loyalty points

encourages the users to use the mobile app even more often.