Built Next Gen Remittances Platform For Financial Services Partners

Designed a flexible, independent and secure Payments-Platform-as-a-Service (PPaaS) architecture that can adapt seamlessly to the varied features that the Finablr partners may require.


To enable easy acceptance of the remittances globally, and externalize payments-as-aservice to offer a menu of packaged microservices, Unimoni needed a cloud-based Remittance Transaction Process Engine that is scalable, easy to use, and secure.

We came on board as their partner of choice to build a complete set of API stacks for end-to-end Remittance Transaction Processing that could be extended to their financial partners. The plug-n-play architectures would include everything from remittances to partner settlements, enabling Banks, Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC), retailers, etc., to use the APIs best suited to their needs.


To build a Remittance Transaction Process Engine that can handle global clearing and settlement infrastructure, we built a PPaaS platform with Domain Driven Design (DDD) microservices architecture. The new PPaaS NGAP platform enables high-performance payments processing that is scalable, transparent, and can manage large volumes of transactions at a lower cost.

Migrated from the traditional on-premise monolithic platform to Microservices-based PPaaS Next Generation Application Platform (NGAP) architecture with multiple payment gateways for integration.

Enabled onboarding

Platform enables onboarding of drawee/routing banks and agents/partners, and manages their rules for transactions.

Enabled transmission

Platform for banks to manage transactions, balance enquiries, etc.