Conversational Chatbot for 24/7 Customer Support Assistance

Deployed an Intelligent Virtual Assistant called ‘Sophie’ on the client’s website to enable faster query resolution by guiding the visitor through every step.


The client’s website was getting about 300,000 visitors every month with more than 100 active users during peak hours. With only a limited number of customer support agents available, it was becoming difficult to handle the volume of queries.

The challenge was to automate the process of replying to enquiries and suggestions on their website, while having a 24/7 live, interactive chat support for visitors to improve resolution speed.


While the business was growing, the customer support remained a small team, working in fixed hours with limited resources. Problems such as long call queues and wait times led to customer dissatisfaction.

Through our design thinking approach, we found that 30% of the queries were frequently asked questions, while about 50% needed basic calculation. The remaining queries needed deeper analysis. An intelligent chatbot deployed on the website would lead to 24/7 customer support assistance and enable faster query resolution.

We designed and built an AI-powered chatbot that reduced customer service costs and helped the client scale their customer support effectively.

Instant resolutions

to provide better customer satisfaction

24/7 customter service support

by providing resolutions to common queries

Enhanced user experience

by giving them access to the entire knowledge base through the chatbot