Custom Built a Large eCommerce Platform which Sells over 2000 Products & Services

Designed and built an e-commerce ecosystem to provide micro-deliveries where customers can buy household products and hire trusted professionals for all their service needs on the same platform


With the evolving business model, the changes in technological requirements were relentless, as the client desired to learn and experiment with the range of products, services, and newer ways of delivering them to the end-users. Technologists at Wavelabs used a combination of iterative, experimental methodologies to support the client’s innovation efforts to unlock the true potential of e-commerce. The challenge was in creating a high-performing and convenient e-commerce ecosystem with custom platforms built from scratch to serve as a unified solution for all the stakeholders.


New apps appear almost daily on the App stores. While many of them are the tested solutions for common problems, it takes an innovator to gain a competitive advantage. The need is to find what the customer’s pain points are, and what works best for them.

The client started out with just an idea. An iterative, experimental approach was needed to test that idea and to shape it into the final product that the end-users can value. The client, although, had some clear requirements to establish themselves as a digitally native brand:

  • Versatility and Adaptability
  • Functionality and Scalability
  • Design and UX Superiority
By using multiple integrations, including automated, batched shipping and fulfilment, we were able to build a behemoth that can manage a deluge of daily orders.

Improved overall efficiency

by implementing quicker order processing

Increased conversation rates

by ensuring shorter app load time

Ensured seamless user experience

by integrating platforms with application optimisation functions