Improved On-Time Delivery of a Leading Auto Lubricant Distributer

Maximized productivity and efficiency while improving delivery time and the user experience by enabling the sales agents to place, track, and manage orders on a unified mobile platform


The client was looking for a comprehensive solution that enabled the sales agents to eliminate the use of paperwork, introducing automation and transparency in the system. It also wanted to introduce a sales incentive program, to increase the overall efficiency and performance of the team.


The core idea was to first understand the pain points of the three main stakeholders;

  • The accounting team that uses Tally for inventory management and stock-keeping
  • The management team that oversees the daily operations to ensure efficiency and both, employee and customer satisfaction
  • The on-field sales teams that travel all day holding meetings with potentials customers, and manage the existing ones
We built a one-stop solution that leverages technology to make the entire process from the customer visits to order confirmation and payments, easy, transparent, and available on the mobile.

Increased revenue

by hyper targeting the customers that have previously shown interest.

Reducing the buying cycle

by helping the sales agents view the entire product inventory and price tracking.

Improve customer experience

by helping them place and manage orders on-the-spot, and track product delivery.