Reinventing the Grocery Shopping Experience for the Indian Cuisine

Built a shopping app that offers personalised recommendations based on consumer’s ethnicity as a reliable alternative to the crowded supermarket’s experience


In this world of “too much to do, and too little time”, grocery shopping is one of the least favorite chores for many. Sympl took up the challenge of offering consumers the convenience of grocery shopping through a mobile app where the items needed to cook dishes specific to their ethnicity shows up right at the top.


There is nothing more personal, more engaging, and more delightful than giving consumers what they want. When tasked with the challenge of providing consumers with personalized recommendations based on their ethnicity, we used Magento inventory management system to prepare a master list where we tagged all the food items against the ethnicities that we identified within India.

The mobile app helps you request delivery of required grocery items in real time. Just pick the recipe you want to try at home, and order the required ingredients through this easy, highly-secured and safe mobile app.

Real time tracking

by activating push notifications, you will be informed about location update made to the order.

Add an item to an ongoing order

by just updating the order and it gets reflected in real time.

Track your oder history

by viewing the list of accepted, canceled, completed, pending and in-progress orders