Built Fast, Flexible & Scalable Platform Solutions for Video Service and OTT Providers

Redesigned and built the revenue and user lifecycle management platform to keep pace with the evolving consumer demand and emerging multi-channel distribution models.


Video delivery is a complex business today and is undergoing a massive transformation. The client needed to adapt to the growing demand from consumers for more control and freedom over the content they like to watch. The client needed to redesign its platform solutions to make them more intuitive and nimble.


To begin with, we wanted to understand how customer expectations have changed over time. We implemented a human-centered design approach to reimagine the product from a user’s perspective. We identified areas that required UX redesign, and along with building agile and innovative backend solutions, we turned this into an opportunity for our client to increase market share and drive business growth.

We built a modern, high-quality, cloud business management solution that would delight the client and the end-users alike. The new platform offers a comprehensive end-to-end, carrier-grade solution that helps video service providers generate more revenue and run their back-office more efficiently.

Retaining what legacy customers love

by adding new value, while also maintaining the features of the product that were the keystone of the low customer churn.

Integrating the new with the old

by finding a new workaround to enable UI developers to use new techstack without engaging in rewriting the old APIs.