Shifting from Keyword-based to Intent based Search

First-of-its-kind mobile app with an intent based search option for finding nearby restaurants


The client sought to provide its customers with location-based search recommendations that recognized their intent and individual preferences.


We created a two-step process to tackle the unique feature that the client sought to provide its customers.

Step 1: To build a featured and user-friendly app that captures the customer’s current location through geo-tagging, meal preferences as set at the time of signing up, and budget as specified for the query.
Step 2: To build an intent-based digital assistant that could help the customers with relevant options based on their specified queries.

With a clearer picture of what customers wanted, the in-built recommendation engine suggested restaurants more relevant to what they searched for. The engine trains and retrains itself based on the data collected in real-time to improve performance without interference.

Improved conversion rate

by pairing search result with recommendations of similar options

Increased customer satisfaction

by providing personalised recommendations

Increased loyalty

by catering to the customers' choices and needs