Threat Monitoring System for Concealed Weapons & Explosives Detection

Designed and developed the first-ever monitoring system with livestreaming feature to detect weapons concealed underneath a person’s clothing


Public security threats are an increasing concern to law enforcement, civilians, and first responders. In most cases of public attacks, first responders must take action after the attack is underway, forcing them to use lethal weapons such as firearms in defense.

Working with our client, we built a threat detection and response monitoring system that can detect concealed weapons and explosives proactively and in real-time.


With incidents of attacks on high-traffic public venues on the rise, the implementation of concealed weapons detection solutions has become a necessity for governments, law enforcement, and security agencies. We worked with our client to design a monitoring system that can easily be accessed on any handheld device to detect outlines of guns, knives, suicide vests, and other weapons and to allow security officers on duty to covertly scan and assess subjects for weapons as they approach on foot.

Proposed and built an enhanced and noninvasive monitoring system, integrated with surveillance cameras that can defuse threats to public safety via an automated and highly accurate method of detecting concealed weapons and explosives using Wifi in uncontrolled environments.

Improve threat detection

by using Wifi waves to detect and locate concealed weapons.

Improve incident response

by having a predefined protocol checklist to be followed

Support threat hunting

by tracking the movements of the person via the network of surveillance cameras deployed