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Wavelabs Digital Restaurant App

Built a Mobile App to Simplify Ordering at Restaurants

Mobile app introduces first-of-its-kind ‘food ordering’ feature for the ‘wait-free’ dining experience at restaurants


Built and deployed a complete, end-to-end restaurant searching platform with a unique real-time food-ordering feature within 5 kms geo-fence perimeter from the user’s location.


The client was looking for a convenient and easy-to-use solution that would help users find location-based search recommendations for restaurants and help them cut down the time taken to place orders.


We set out to build an engaging, data-driven food ordering solution to help users find restaurants nearby, place orders and even track the status of their digital order from the moment it’s placed, giving them a guided and personalized experience. The mobile app captures the user’s current location through geo-tagging, meal preferences as set at the time of signing up, and budget as specified for the query.