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Wavelabs Digital Clix HFS

A Cohesive Solution for Agents to Access, Engage & Drive Better Sales

A mobile app that helps sales agents streamline the instant loan approval process for selling healthcare equipment


Built and deployed a complete, end-to-end loan application services app which helps the sales agents to convert potential leads with reduced paperwork and shorter application process.


Clix Capital understands that without the much-needed capital, a lot of doctors, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, diagnostic centers, labs, etc. are missing out on their true business potential. They were looking for a convenient and easy-to-use mobile app that would help the sales agents acquire such potential leads, convert them and do the necessary follow-up, all on the same platform.


The nature of the work and the requisite regulatory compliance required for every sale demands a lot of paperwork, making the job of a sales agent cumbersome. In order to be ahead in the race, the agent is continuously on the move with his financial calculators, forms, documents, etc. This hampers his efficiency and accuracy at times. Sales agents need a mobile app that provides a platform to:
i) fill, submit and review the loan applications
ii) enable instant loan decisioning
iii) assimilate all the applications and the client data