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Enabling the Future of Connectivity

In an era where being “always connected” is a basic expectation and with over billions of connected devices, technologies like 5G, Edge computing, building Private, Hybrid & Public Clouds will form the core of next-gen networking that will help Industry 4.0 realize its full potential. We have domain experts that understand the evolution of networks and the Communication, Cloud & Networking industry and can help you chart the course of a hyperconnected world.

5G, Private Cellular Network, and CBRS

5G Network is expected to carry most of the mobile data traffic in the next few years, bringing important implications to the wireless ecosystem. This creates new demands on the communication service providers, urging them to use innovation to gain competitive advantage. Our unique capabilities make it easy to build the capacity required in a dynamic and flexible way.

Open Networking and Network Disaggregation

Paving the way for greater flexibility and revenue growth, is the disaggregation of individual network elements. By unbundling a single network function into separate hardware and software, and harnessing software installation capabilities to install any operating system on open white boxes, operations can unlock new levels of efficiency and agility. We help you increase service differentiation and automate network and service operations by leveraging automation and AI.

Edge Cloud and Edge Computing

To stay ahead of the curve, businesses are required to make faster, more actionable decisions. Edge computing brings compute-intensive, latency-sensitive applications closer to the end user for near-real-time decision-making. With our ability to offer intelligent edge design, build and deployment, we deliver computing capabilities to enhance your operational efficiencies, reduce operating costs and improve reliability for low-latency applications and services.

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