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In today’s world, the entire ecosystem of connectivity providers (i.e.) Equipment Vendors, Software Vendors, Service Providers, Hyperscales, and Enterprises of all sizes, faces multiple challenges. Rapid evolution in new technologies and their adoption, combined with the pressure to turn the growing demand into more revenue, has never been greater. Intelligent automation and software-driven networks are major opportunities to deliver connectivity services cost-effectively while powering new revenue models for growth.

Wavelabs, as an engaged, committed, and collaborative partner can help chart the course of transformation for better business outcomes. Our technology services and solutions align with major opportunities and overcome challenges that our customers face. We are deeply committed to the AI-powered autonomous network vision, and our key offerings are based on three disruptive trends:

5G, FWA, and Private Wireless Network

Realize 5G promises to deliver connectivity services in scale and scope with our unmatched engineering excellence and expertise.

Open Networking and Network Disaggregation

Differentiate through innovation with us to achieve significantly higher agility and TCO reduction while future-proofing the network.

Cloud and Edge Computing

Achieve multi-cloud infrastructure excellence to deliver ultra-reliable low latency cloud-native connectivity services with our offerings.


We accelerate the journey to future connectivity by offering a unique blend of next-generation digital, cognitive, and network technology services and solutions.

Technology Services

In the era of fast-paced change in business ecosystems and disruptive technological advancement, collaborative partnerships are crucial to success. We partner on various service engagement models with our customers for the following technology services offering:

The core network, the center of control of resources and user sessions, has a vital role in providing demanding network and service delivery requirements. A flexible, agile, programmable, automated, cloud-native, and service-based converged 4G/5G core will be the foundation of network innovation. We help to embrace this transformation to reduce cost and monetize the multitude of opportunities the future connectivity will present.

Key Offerings:
– Disaggregated Network Function development
– Cloud-Native implementation and migration
– Dynamic Core Network Slicing enablement
– NWDAF and AI/ML use cases creation
– NFV, SDN, and MEC Transformation
– Connectivity Services such as FWA, Private Wireless, IIoT, and eMBB

The increase in mobile traffic and 5G deployments are challenging the business models. Virtualized RAN, Cloud RAN, disaggregated Open RAN architecture, open interfaces, and RAN automation using AI will help meet the goals. However, the RAN domain is more challenging than other domains due to strict latency and compute requirements. We empower developing RAN platform transformation strategies to achieve maximum resource usage and reduce TCO.

Key Offerings:
– Disaggregated Network Function development
– Cloud-Native implementation and migration
– RAN Network Slicing and SLA Assurance
– RT/Non-RT RIC and AI/ML use cases creation
– Modernizing RAN services with MEC
– Multi-Vendor Interoperability, Rollout Validation, and Optimization

The need to become agile in responding to customer needs and network conditions drives WAN SDN adoption from data centers to wide-area networks and the customer edge. Moreover, the 5G services enabled by network slicing and URLLC cannot be delivered with the existing inflexible and disjointed networks. We assist in embracing SDN and automate WAN that comprises IP/optical access and transport networks in multi-cloud/NFV to become more digitized.

Key Offerings:
– Cloud-Native SDN Platform development
– Standardized API and Protocol development
– Open source, Datacenter, and Cloud Plugin integration
– Per Slice multi-service SLA validation
– Legacy to Native SDN roadmap evolution
– Customer Experience differentiation with AI/ML Use Cases

The 5G technology refresh will create complex disaggregated hybrid networks that drive new demand for domain and multi-domain automation. Furthermore, network slicing will require end-to-end slice orchestration and lifecycle management. We enable a strong proposition for successfully implementing an AI-powered autonomous network vision. We modernize service management, network operations, and customer-centric experience to enhance returns on 5G network investments.

Key Offerings:
– Infrastructure and Network Domain Orchestration
– Service and Business Domain Automation
– Multi-Domain and Multi-Vendor Zero X Networks
– End to End Life Cycle Management
– FCAPS and Automated Assurance
– DevOps, CICD, AI/ML Powered Use Cases

Technology Solutions​

Embracing an open ecosystem of collaborative partners means more value, faster. Our flexible solution engagement models, together with our partners, cater to strategic customer demands. We take care of your end-to-end product needs so that you can stay focused on your business with our following technology solutions offering:

Without speedy connectivity, none of the apps and features that make smartphones so incredible would be possible. The leading connectivity providers open up network APIs for developers to unlock the potential of 5G and build innovative apps.

Wavelabs Skyshot helps connectivity providers (i.e.) Equipment Vendors, Software Vendors, Service Providers, Hyperscales, and Enterprises of all sizes, build connectivity products and apps from idea to MVP within weeks. And assist in deploying and operating in the telco and hyperscales marketplace in the shortest timeframe possible with our truly agile philosophy:
– discover and explore the problem with design thinking
– ideate and build the right thing with lean startup
– continuous delivery, testing, and integration with DevOps

As the number of devices and the internet of things (IoT) grows, network and service management must be zero-touch. It is not feasible for manual processes to support the volume and velocity of changes across the network.

Wavelabs Insight accelerates connectivity provider’s AI journey to achieve tangible investments and business results from strategy to data curation, model development, operation, and governance. It enables end-to-end domain use cases to deliver significant cost savings; that allow to compete, co-exist, and even partner with OTT, hyperscales, and new nimble digital player:
– Business domain use cases
– Service domain use cases
– Infrastructure (Network and IT) domain use cases

5G networks, intelligent by design, promises to deliver enhanced mobile broadband services, ultra-low latency, and massive IoT communications services for both consumers and enterprises across many verticals. It has great potential to transform the way we live now and in the future.

Wavelabs 5G Innovation and Research Lab is a global collaborative partner ecosystem with the goal of devising novel ideas that disrupt the industries. We are a future workforce of developers, academia, communities, and connectivity providers of all sizes working together to catalyze innovation for 5G. 5G Innovation & Research Lab provides a platform for adopting creative processes like brainstorming and design thinking to:
– research and develop 5G POCs and prototypes
– fast track tangible 5G products and solutions
– develop 5G future skills and innovation

5G is an exponential leap in speed, accuracy, latency, and complexity. The technologies such as NFV, SDN, cloud, open-source, open-networking, and network disaggregation introduce variables that challenge safety, security, and quality.

At Wavelabs, we understand the traditional way of network testing is inadequate. To ensure quality requires a holistic method of approaching 5G product verification, augmented with automation, DevOps, and AI. Wavelabs Test as a Service accelerates your time to market, taking care of your following product quality so that you can stay focused on your business and innovation.
– RAN, Converged Core, IMS, and Transport network and functions
– End-to-end wireless connectivity network and services
– Digital twin, Analytics, AI, and zero-touch intelligent automation

Partnership Advantages

In the era of disaggregation and increased use of open-source, open-networking, multi-vendor, and multi-technology, the engaged, committed, and collaborative partnership is key to success.

AI-First Technology Company

We incubate AI-powered capabilities, maturing over time to become integrated and distributed across the organization.​​

Catalyze innovation for future​

We advise and fast track the implementation across entire product life cycle and catalyze innovation for future.​​

Customer-Centric organization

We provide offerings aligned to your major opportunities, customer journey, and customer experience.​

Flexible partnership, inflexible quality

We offer flexible services, solutions, engagements, and governance models with inflexible quality delivery.​

Automation First Mindset

We simplify, streamline, and join up end-to-end ecosystem and processes with full life cycle automation and orchestration.​​

State-of-the-art technology provider​

We help achieve digital transformation roadmap from the ground up with the start-of-the-art technology solutions and services.​​


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