Turning Data into Decision Drivers

Wavelabs Data Engineering

The enterprise of the future will thrive on data-driven decision making. We, at Wavelabs, create solutions across the entire value chain starting from discovery & aggregation, storage & transformation, modelling & analysis to advanced analytics & visualizations. We design smart data pipelines for the next generation enterprises that provide easier access to actionable data and drive deeper insights to support critical business decisions.

Data Pipeline

Wavelabs Data Pipeline
Wavelabs Big Data
Big Data Management

Aggregating both structured and unstructured data across the enterprise and public domains into a data lake is critical to support downstream decision making and analysis for the new age businesses. Using industry leading tools and technologies, we build and automate the data pipelines for enterprises across the entire data lifecycle.

Business Analytics & Visualization

Enterprises require a structured approach to evaluate the existing data and methodically analyze it for business relevance and decision context. We have expertise in using both commercial and open source tools to build dashboards that provide fine-grained access to the relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) for real-time monitoring.

Wavelabs Data Analytics
Wavelabs Data Science
Data Science & Insights

Using an algorithmic approach to draw deeper insights from data will provide the winning advantage to the next generation enterprises. We partner with our customers to build data science driven solutions for forecasting, predictive analytics and optimizations which assist in business critical decision making.


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