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We help businesses across different industries, accelerate digital transformations by adopting new age technologies. We reimagine and redefine the human-centric experiences to create solutions at the intersection of strategy, design, and technology.


Wavelabs is a cloud-native, tech-first company that functions across all popular cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, Bluemix, and PaaS platforms like OpenShift and Cloud Foundry. We provide our customers business agility by developing twelve-factor applications and deploying the software on cloud platforms using popular container technologies like Kubernetes and Docker.


We help businesses modernize their applications and infrastructure by enabling them to adopt microservices by leveraging event-driven architecture, domain driven design and other technologies. We have deep expertise in migrating Monolithic systems to Microservices and also in developing Microservice applications from the ground up.


Our design-thinking methodology fairs well with our technological skills when developing single-page frameworks like AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS etc. To address the consistently evolving front-end technologies, we help our customers jumpstart development by leveraging time tested architecture and frameworks.


From startups to enterprises, we have worked extensively in developing mobile applications leveraging hybrid technologies like Ionic, cross-platform native technologies like Xamarin, React Native and native apps as well. Our integrated approach leverages mobile analytics and security to help customers understand usage patterns and adapt the mobile app according to user feedback.


We design a wide range of robust and responsive robots for a broad range of applications that connect with customers by augmenting human-like capabilities. The cognitive entity integrates with an internal application to provide a contextual experience. The intuitive reasoning makes our chatbots a rage in the consumer-oriented market.

Salesforce Consulting Partner

Wavelabs in collaboration with Salesforce help industries create a roadmap to achieve unique business goals. By using the Salesforce platform with customised capabilities, we provide overall guidance to improve productivity, streamline processes and help you scale your business. We enable clients to attain flexibility, redefine efficiency and maintain customer relationship with our in-depth domain knowledge.


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