We are a one-stop solution provider for Engineering Competence, Digital Technologies’ Expertise and Automation Implementation.

Our Digital Technologies’ Expertise enable business transformation and technology transformation for organizations. Our Engineering Competence help organizations build robust, reliable and secure digital-ready products and services. Our Automation Implementation capabilities build automated continuous delivery pipeline.

What we offer

Software Development

With deep expertise in software architecture, we develop enterprise-grade web applications, mobile apps, custom software and eCommerce solutions. We engineer innovation in agile to stay ahead of competitors.

Tech-stack Modernization

Migrate legacy, monolithic architectures to modern Tech stack leveraging Cloud-Native & Microservices architectures. We help organizations adopt microservices by leveraging event-driven architecture, domain driven design and other technologies.


From cloud adoption & migration to workload optimization, we help organizations harness the cloud to evolve their businesses. Our continuous application modernization approach creates personalized multi-cloud ecosystems and supports new age technologies in the cloud.


We automate software delivery pipelines to speed up software release cycles. Our end-to-end DevOps offerings include continuous integration, continuous testing, and continuous delivery/deployment to help organizations become innovative, efficient and productive.

Testing & Automation

With a proactive QA approach, we offer the complete range of functional and non-functional testing services. We improve test coverage and ensure QA maturity to accelerate quality software releases with minimized defect leakage in production.


From Salesforce strategy and roadmap, to integration, migration, implementation and customization, we help organizations with every Salesforce need. Our deep Salesforce ecosystem expertise transforms businesses to unlock the value of Salesforce.


Our RPA implementation and proactive maintenance services enrich organizations with enterprise-wide intelligent automation. We integrate RPA into end-to-end business processes with intelligent bots and ensure higher business efficiency.

What makes Wavelabs different

Best-in-class Technologists

Our technology expertise extends deeper into emerging digital technologies acumen and our industry experience extends broader across distinct industries. We analyze existing tech stack and assess digital technologies adoption feasibility to define short-term & long-term digital goals.

Technology Management for Innovation and Operational Excellence

In today’s ever-changing digital landscape, we empower organizations to keep up with the latest innovations in technologies. We help organizations with processes, approaches and methodologies to adopt new technologies for digital transformation and update changes in technology for digital maturity.

Create, Broaden and Improve Value Propositions

We create, broaden and improve business-centric and customer-centric value propositions. To deliver these value propositions, we empower organizations with the below efficiencies:

  • Ability to quickly adapt to change
  • Faster decision-making with data-driven insights
  • Build new capabilities at digital speed in a fast-moving digital world.

How we do it

With the experience of helping the world’s largest enterprises, we create a tailored digital strategy for every client. Our digital strategy includes:

  • Reimagining products and services for digital customers.
  • Redefining customer experiences in digital world.
  • Reinventing productivity with digital technologies.
  • Accelerating operations with automation.

With technology transformation to business transformation – we transform an organization in all dimensions. Technology transformation equips new tech capabilities to deliver scalable digital solutions at market speed. Business transformation empowers organizations to be adaptative for changes in market, business needs and customer expectations. We guarantee a successful digital transformation with the below step-by-step approach:

  • Assessment – we assess infrastructure, tech stack and value propositions to understand where an organization stands.
  • Define Outcomes – we prioritize digital goals to define short-term and long-term outcomes from digital transformation.
  • New Operating Models – we implement agile and transform business operations with new operating models.
  • Technology and Data – we leverage digital technologies, data and digital platforms to drive technology transformation.

Organizations need digital maturity to deliver great digital experiences. We ensure that organizations are empowered to leverage transformed business processes and technology ecosystems to:

  • Capitalize on the capabilities of digital technologies to accelerate innovation.
  • Deliver improved productivity and high performance.
  • Become resilient to disruptions in digital world – drastic changes in business environments and evolutions in technology.

Digital maturity strengthens digital transformation but it cannot make organizations ready for the future. With digital acceleration, we create a strategy and set up methodologies to speedily adopt and upgrade new technologies. Digital acceleration helps organizations be successful and at the cutting-edge of new technology.

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