Event Overview: Learn hands-on Magma 5G Features and protocols cont… Bi-Weekly Saturday, Starts on May 21, 2022 9am to 10am EST Watch recording

5G is accelerating global economic growth!

IHS analysis shows the integral role 5G will take on in the global economy in terms of sales enablement reaching $ 13.1 Trillion across all industries, and 5G enabled job growth of 22.8 M jobs by 2035.

5G (and 6G in the future) will catalyze the next generation of fully connected intelligent use cases that bring the physical world, digital world, and human world together, such as Industrial IoT and Metaverse.

With the arrival of the fourth industrial revolution and Web 3.0, there are many 5G-enabled business and job opportunities. However, several countries and enterprises face the most significant skill shortages to deliver the desired outcome. It is getting harder and harder to match and find the right skill sets with the needs of employers.


Decoding5G.Zone initiative recognizes that at the heart of these challenges is the need to help empower every person as a people-led grassroots movement to gain the 5G future skills and innovation needed to excel.

Thank you, Brampton, Wavelabs, Magma Core Foundation, and Testoper Community for supporting this need-of-the-hour initiative.

Do you know that more than 74% believe it is their own responsibility to update their skills and innovation abilities? Now isn’t the time to sit back and wait for events to unfold. Now is the time to take charge of your destiny.

Individuals, join us at Decoding5G.Zone bi-weekly program starting on 12th March 2022 at 9.00 AM EST to Skill-Up and Innovation-Up on 5G Technology, Open Source 5G Magma Core Network and its use cases.

Enterprises, contact us at [email protected] to partner and support Decoding5G.Zone initiative to develop and align workforce strategy to your business and innovation strategy.

Being a future workforce is all about continuous learning, and success is all about welcoming it. See you at the Program!