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Our mission is simple – build solutions people love and drive the growth of our clients’ businesses. We use design thinking to take a human-centered approach to discover the right problems to solve, engineer the proper way to solve them, and utilize the latest technologies to bring those solutions to life.

Digital Product Design

We build from the foundation of solving the unmet needs of users, priorities of the business, and possibilities of technology to bring new software solutions to life.

UI & Visual Interface Design

Following the Lean UX methodology, we create straightforward product experiences with delightful graphical interfaces and use cutting-edge front-end technologies to bring them to life.

Wavelabs UI
Wavelabs Prototype & Design
Industrial & Mechanical Design

We build a practice of opportunity identification, solutions strategy, prototyping, mechanical & manufacturing design, and continuous product iteration to create valuable products for end users, and strengthen your business.

Service Experience Design

We take a human-centered approach to create viable and helpful customer experiences that delight users and make them want more. Our work also covers employee workflow and business process design to maximize the efficiency of your business.

Wavelabs UX
Wavelabs Voice UX
Voice User Experience (VUX) Design

With the advent of voice assistants like Alexa, Google Home, Cortana etc., a new realm of opportunities in voice-based customer engagement has opened up. Grounded in our tech expertise in Natural Language Processing & Generation, we have created our own framework towards designing Voice User Experiences that integrate seamlessly with users.


Experience Design

Built a Mobile App to Simplify Ordering at Restaurants


Built Future Banking UX Design for the Largest Bank in Sri Lanka

Experience Design

Built Future Banking UX Design for the Largest Bank in Sri Lanka


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