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Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. Cyber-Physical, and ever-connected systems are powered to make autonomous decisions without human interference. Smart factories, smart cities, autonomous robots, self-driving cars are no longer the phenomenons you only witness in sci-fi movies. By adopting Industry 4.0, we identify new opportunities, optimize logistics and supply chains, and build robots to change the way business is done.


Cyber-Physical, always connected, autonomy driver will be the norm of in the era of Industry 4.0. We offer concept development, design services, proto-typing, and interdisciplinary engineering competencies to build Cyber-Physical systems.


The next evolution of IoT is more than about IoT sub-systems. It is more about IoT Platform and how they enable various elements in an eco systems to work in coordination to deliver desired outcomes. In additional all IoT produces meaningful data that can be used for advanced decision making. We are here to accelerate building IoT Platforms and build those Data pipelines.


In the race to build smart factories and enable a smarter workforce, building robots is paramount to adopting the technological challenges of Industry 4.0. Robots that have been ubiquitous in a shop floor since the advent of a programmable logic controller (PLC) will undergo complete transformation when they turn autonomous. In an era where Robots are not limited only to Industrial Automation but also Commercial Robots that impact every aspect of our life ability to build Robots and introduce Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is critical to competing and with companies that have emerged in this time & age. We have an expertise in all aspect of building Robots & in RPA enabling an eco-system of partners that accelerate ours and our customer journey.


With new technology paradigms, come new cybersecurity threats. The need to protect digital and computing infrastructure has never been more critical. Having a decentralized network that is heavily encrypted allows for many of our exploitation fears to settle. The goals of Industry 4.0 must align with ensuring that the personal and financial information is well-guarded. We can help you with all your cybersecurity needs. We believe Cyber Security has to be the heart of ever Cyber-Physical systems designed & built and are investing heavily to build capabilities and partners to drive this change.

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