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Wavelabs Skyshot

SkyShot is a launchpad that helps businesses to bootstrap and build a strong ecosystem around technology. We value fresh and futuristic ideas that solve real-world problems. Collaborate with us to gain access to our deep talent pool of developers, designers, data scientists, marketing strategists, and technology leaders. Build and pilot products that gain traction from customers for early testing and validation by harnessing our expertise in modern technologies, proven approaches, and methodologies.

Technology Strategy & Consulting

We focus on solving clients' most critical issues and opportunities at the intersection of disruption and innovation. We understand the new-age technologies and we bring you this deep, techno-functional expertise. We are known for our holistic perspective and can capture value between the various silos of any business.

Wavelabs Innovation
Wavelabs Product Life Cycle
Product Life Cycle Services

We offer services across the entire spectrum of the product life cycle – from ideation to developing an MVP, validating product-market fit to full-scale development, testing, automation, deployment, sustenance & support. The leadership and core team of Wavelabs have decades of experience in building and bringing to market cutting-edge products. We can help you traverse a product line across every stage of the product life cycle.

Application Modernization

Agility and efficiency are vital components for success in today’s fierce data-driven business landscape. We help you transform your legacy applications and platforms to make them more scalable, responsive, optimized for cloud, and ready to deliver high-quality user experiences. We will build you an adaptive and future-ready application architecture while reducing operational costs and maintaining smooth operations.

Wavelabs Application Modernization
Wavelabs Platform Engineering
Platform Engineering

We excel in designing suite of functionalities that offer a consistent contract to the applications that run on a platform. The functionalities are made compatible with several domains and public cloud infrastructures and environments. Our team excels in developing products across platforms that range over several big names such as Pivotal Cloud Foundry, IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure, AWS and Openshift. With cross-platform support, we deliver products faster and with unmatched accuracy.

Testing & Automation

We have a preset environment that lets us automate the entire process, right from planning to releasing pipelines. The build automation server in place is continually up and running, conducting automation tests, continuous integration etc. This gives products an advantage as it minimizes bad builds and dependencies, and increases product quality. Our innovative testing services help increase business productivity. We help testing association be an impetus for speed, deftness and business execution while accomplishing radical efficiency.

Wavelabs Automation & Testing
Wavelabs Devops

DevOps is becoming a key for increased software delivery and organizational performance. Those that develop and deliver quickly are better able to experiment with ways to increase customer adoption and satisfaction, pivot when necessary, and keep up with compliance and regulatory demands. This is a key value driver and differentiator for teams and organizations in any industry because it enables organizations to leverage software to deliver improved outcomes. These outcomes are measured by many factors, including productivity, profitability, and market share as well as non-commercial measures such as effectiveness, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

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