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Unlock your business potential by bridging business challenges with the right mix of people, process and technology possibilities.

We provide end-to-end expertise in Digital Marketing, Data Management & Process Innovation. We understand how much business value could be created by technology-enabled services and identify the vital digital enablers to support the ecosystem to achieve its full potential.

Digital Marketing

Transform Your Online Presence into a Lead Generating Machine

The wave of digitization is drastically remodeling the business landscape. As of this ecosystem, Wavelabs understands how differentiation through content, distribution and user experience will be the essential next steps.

We provide strategic solutions in line with emerging technologies and changing audience demands.

Explore the wide range of services to understand how we can help your business:

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

An integral function of all businesses, carefully designed by industry domain experts

Our comprehensive social media marketing services are powered by modern tech and a team of experts - ready to grow sales, build awareness for our clients and help consumers find the brands they love. We provide strategy with unique targeting and insightful reports.

Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Power your business with our campaign management services to stay on top of the latest developments

For campaign development and consulting services, we have the experience to create innovative campaigns with a focus on advertising, digital strategy, advocacy and engagement. We deliver effective messages to engage, persuade, and activate the right audience.

Website Design & Content Management

Website Design & Content Management

Our digital experience experts are capable of optimizing the existing CMS and building new ones to stay agile in the ever-demanding technology landscape

Reinforce your brand recognition and build trust with your audience with great website design and content management. Explore how we can turn your website into a powerful marketing tool.

Data Management

Implement Effective Data Services to Impact Revenue

Data and its quality empower everything from customer experience to revenue. Smart data management practices will help your organization leverage data from multiple sources to effectively propel your business forward.

Some critical data hygiene initiatives to fuel your business are:

Image Tagging & Labelling

Image Tagging & Labelling

An essential step in a supervised machine learning task with high accuracy levels

A fully managed image tagging and labelling platform helping you build effective deep learning models. This essential service with high accuracy levels enables companies to take full advantage of AI’s capabilities.

Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing

A strategic approach for organizations in need of consistent data validation, enriching enterprise data for higher analytical productivity

Our comprehensive suite of data cleansing services can immediately improve your organization’s most valued asset – data. We have the solutions and expertise to help you with all your data cleansing initiatives.

Training Data Management

Training Data Management

Managing high-quality data to fulfil the needs of automated tests by leveraging the power of AI

Leverage data competently for significant process and business decisions. We have an in-depth expertise and industry knowledge for management of data over its full lifecycle.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

With data-driven insights, we analyze large sets of data in interactive and intuitive dashboards, infographics, graphs, heat maps, charts etc.

Our data visualization services help in identifying business trends, building a comparison matrix and track business KPIs. With compact data, we explore, analyze and develop insights and make informed decisions for your organization using visual elements.

Data Capture

Data Capture

Accurate data entry services for capture of metadata from both unstructured and semi-structured data in text and/or image forms.

A perfect solution for companies that need accurate data entry services for critical business operations at an affordable cost.

Data Enrichment Services

Data Enrichment Services

A bouquet of data services including cleansing, formatting, labelling and other curation activities to incorporate new updates and information to an existing dataset.

With our data enrichment services, we enable marketing, sales, and business intelligence leaders and key decision-makers with insights that can be analyzed and acted upon.

Process Innovation

Process Improvement is Key to Business Excellence

We help organizations reach their full potential with efficient and effective process management tools to drive real business value. By leveraging our expertise, we can help in identifying actionable improvements aligned with your business goals to maximize overall productivity.

As part of our business process optimization services:

Global Business Services

Global Business Services

We drive an agile service delivery model for support functions that leads to both operational and strategic benefits. Focused on process efficiency improvement and cost reduction – it is a key pillar of digital strategy that helps companies navigate this Transformative Age.

Global Business Services focuses on creating customer-centric, digitized end-to-end process flows across functions and geographies. It includes agile operating units that are steered globally and independently of traditional business units. Emerging technology managed by GBS can support exceptional performance across the organization; at the same time, GBS units remain lean, cost-competitive and efficient.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

Integrating analytics with AI and industry expertise. Whether it's a chatbot or another solution, we'll help you decide how to apply it, which technologies to use and how to make sure it's embraced across your business

Driving intelligent automation initiatives to create smart business processes. We enable organizations to achieve business-wide digital transformation and redefine the future workforce using the latest tools like RPA and AI.

AI Powered Transcriptions

AI Powered Transcriptions

Manual and automated transcriptions of the event

By providing manual as well as AI powered transcriptions, we ensure accuracy with stringent SLAs, quality guarantee and cost effectiveness.

Partnership Advantages

AI-First Technology Company

We incubate AI-powered capabilities, maturing over time to become integrated and distributed across the organization.​​

Catalyze innovation for future​

We advise and fast track the implementation across entire product life cycle and catalyze innovation for future.​​

Customer-Centric organization

We provide offerings aligned to your major opportunities, customer journey, and customer experience.​

Flexible partnership, inflexible quality

We offer flexible services, solutions, engagements, and governance models with inflexible quality delivery.​

Automation First Mindset

We simplify, streamline, and join up end-to-end ecosystem and processes with full life cycle automation and orchestration.​​

State-of-the-art technology provider​

We help achieve digital transformation roadmap from the ground up with the start-of-the-art technology solutions and services.​​

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