Virtual Conferences

Bringing Expertise to Enable Distinctive Virtual Event Experience for Your Clients

Do you provide WHITE-GLOVE video conferencing services for various business verticals?

Let Wavelabs be your technology and service partner for the next event.

Are you having trouble bringing various endpoints together for your customers during a major event? We can help you create digital experiences that drive business performance around any of the below areas.

Global Virtual Meetings, Conferences and Events
Fully immersive virtual meetings, conferences, and events with advanced features and collaborative tools
Livestreams with Polling Feature Livestreams with Polling Feature
The high-quality live streaming ensures an engaging video experience for a large group
AI + Human Transcriptions AI + Human Transcriptions
Taking precise notes and ensuring accuracy with stringent SLAs, quality guarantee and cost effectiveness
 Testing-the-Water-Meetings Testing-the-Water-Meetings
To “test the waters” before the product is launched into the market/ before IPO
Webinars Webinars
An effective and engaging webinar streamed to a large, interactive audience
Cross Collaborative Tool Meetings Cross Collaborative Tool Meetings
Adopting cross-team collaboration connecting WebEx, Zoom and MS teams for the same meeting brings in great value
Pre-Recorded Meetings Pre-Recorded Meetings
With high audience engagement, pre-recorded event videos/meetings
Fire Side Chat Services
Q&A sessions happen simultaneously during livestreams

With our extensive experience and technical expertise, we ensure your events for your clients are delivered in an engaging, dynamic way, capturing your audience’s attention through a broadcast quality stream. Built on the promise of digital transformation, we bring in significant UI/UX enhancements and development, engagement capabilities and detailed analytics across industries.


Managed Services

Video Conferencing Specialist
Video Conferencing Specialist (White-glove Customer Facing)

To ensure that each meeting runs smoothly and as planned

Video Conferencing Specialist
Video Conferencing Specialist (Technical)

To ensure on-site support of meetings with advanced technical needs

Data Specialist
Data Specialist

View and track every meeting meticulously, giving event managers a comprehensive view of engagement

Creating Invites & Scheduling
Creating Invites & Scheduling

Scheduling the meetings generating links and other information

Pre and Post event data analysis
Pre and Post event data analysis

Attendance and Contact details of the success of the event

Networking Analysis
Networking Analysis

Providing the details for business connections

Connectivity of the Events
Connectivity of the Events

Technical Connectivity

Planning the Event based on the client requirement
Planning the Event based on the client requirement

Discussions and sessions with the client

 Pre and Post Production work
Pre and Post Production work

Pre and post livestream and related production work

Registration for the Event
Registration for the Event

As part of registration for the conference

Broadcast Specialists
Broadcast Specialists

Helps with the Production Team

Replay of the session
Replay of the session

A repository of Livestreams and Webinars (Showcase)

Design and Development

Enhance the attendee experience with real-time transparency and audio-visual aesthetics with us. We offer interactive displays and captivating live event environment for your next trade show, conference or exhibition. Our team of experts are committed to providing every client with an unmatched and large selection of design and development services.

Engineering and DevOps

  • Quality check and automation Quality check and automation
  • API integration API integration with the customer's systems/applications
  • Test Automation Test Automation is leveraged to make the testing process faster, continuous and error-free. The integration is business critical and indispensable.

Partnership Advantages

With virtual events being the future, collaborative partnership is key to success. We bring in tools and expertise in enhancing user-experience to deliver engaging virtual events for your clients. By being technology partners, we offer the convenience and peace-of-mind of a fully managed event experience and a wide variety of services and solutions.


We increase efficiency by automating and integrating time-consuming tasks

Meeting Management

We design an exciting virtual or hybrid event experience

Detailed Analytics

We help gain real-time insights to drive strategic decisions across the entire event lifecycle

Enterprise-grade Security

We provide multi-level access controls to ensure that right people have the right access to events


Fully managed and tailored to your business needs, a key advantage in enhancing user-experience

White-glove Service

Experienced video specialists focus on hassle-free experience and firm security

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